Chris Bouton

Chris has provided IT and computer support for our clients since 1996. Prior to that he was employed by IBM in Poughkeepsie, NY, where he worked on mainframes. He is exceptional at troubleshooting computer and network problems. Client welfare is always priority #1. As such, expect Chris to promote backup and malware protection. He really does have all the answers. Chris does whatever it takes so our clients can proceed with their business operation. Chris is both thorough and competent in every task he takes on. He is the man you want working for you when you need to move forward with your business or when you need to eliminate an obstacle in your IT or computer environment.

Steve Bouton

Steve founded Coastal Computer Systems in 1994 bringing with him 25 years professional computer experience including 18 years with IBM, General Foods and North American Philips. 

In that "previous life" between 1968 and 1986, Steve held a variety of positions including:

  • Application Programmer
  • Application System Designer
  • Project Manager
  • MVS Systems Programmer
  • Systems Programming Manager
  • Director, Management Information Systems

Around 1980 personal computers were coming of age and Steve was involved from the start. Corporate e-mail was already in bloom (900 corporate users on PROFS).  Graphics and database were the rage.  Part of his job was to evaluate the new technology and that was a blast! 

By 1986, Steve had had enough of corporate life, politics, and trave so he started Synergy Systems, a small computer consulting operation with clients in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  Running your own business was a new challenge, but it went well.

Life changes resulted in the move to Hampstead, North Carolina with his wife, Pat.  That was October 1993.  Coastal Computer Systems was born three months later.  The business did well, but it was a lot to handle for one person, so Chris Bouton, Steve's son, an IBM employee at the time, decided to relocate and become part of Coastal Computer Systems.